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Welcome to my site about St. Vincent High School in Perryville, Missouri, the Finger and Kiefer families, and the history of Perry County, Missouri

St. Vincent High School in Perryville, Missouri

More specifically, the class of 1991. Why build a webpage for just 31 other people? Why not.


Remember 15 years ago? I could try, but it's better to block out my life those years ago than to go through therapy. So, we can deal with the present. This seems a lot easier than paying those stupid "classmates" sites. At least I'm free (cheap and easy is a great way to go through life).

So, if your name either is, or used to be, the following...shoot me an email, okay? Silly forwards will count this time, but only this one time.
Denise BrewerGlen Buchheit
Diane BrewerMichael Cushman
Angela Brickhaus GremaudEric Buerck
Carla Brown AbernathyKevin Essner
Jennifer BrownEdward Huber
Melissa ChappiusChuck Kirn
Jennifer Wibbenmeyer HoltzhauserGreg Kutz
Jennifer Eberhart InmanChad Layton
Julie Sutterer JohnsonBrady Mattingly
Jennifer KlobeMarc Schumer
Pattany MahathathTim Unterreiner
Lisa Martin SelbyTravis Unterreiner
Charleen Buchheit MattinglyTim Welker
Robin Elder
Laura Pingel
Sherry Staggs
Susan Tiehes
Jerri Welker

The town of Seventy-six, Missouri

Also goes by the name Seventysix, Missouri. It's an interesting little ghost town.

Perry County history and genealogy

There's more than a good chance that we are it or not.

The Sun Times
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Perryville Republic-Monitor
Perry County Historical Society

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Last Updated 28 Dec 2004